We Trade Homes

At CALLBROWN.com, we are sometimes able to offer this service to our valued clients in order to make your real estate needs simpler, thereby decreasing our clients risk! The following will give you a brief overview of how this amazing service works:

  1. Have Kevin Brown, Licensed Realtor® represent you as your Buyer's Agent.
  2. Place an offer to purchase on an exclusive CALLBROWN.com listing.
  3. Kevin will prepare an accurate market evaluation for your existing property.
  4. List your existing property with Kevin, licensed Realtor® with Homelife Glenayre Realty Co. Ltd.
  5. If your property fails to receive an accepted offer to purchase within 30 days from the listing date, then you will receive a pre- determined "Guaranteed" price for your property. The worry and inconvenience of waiting for an offer on your property is now removed! *Note: Some conditions may apply.

Why is this trade program such a unique and valuable asset?

  1. Take the uncertainty out of moving. Most people make an offer on their dream home Subject to the sale of their existing property. What generally happens is another party without a subject sale will make a competing offer which may cause your conditional offer to collapse. You are now back to square one; an emotional experience to say the least!
  2. Should you choose to purchase without a subject sale, and obtain interim financing, you will find that this is an expensive, risky exercise that can be avoided by trading your home.
  3. Trading your home provides you a stronger position when making an offer on the home you are wanting to purchase, as you can let the seller know that you do not have a subject sale. This usually give me the ability to negotiate a better price for you with this situation.
  4. Your existing property will gain better exposure for buyers as they also have the option of trading their home. Buyers love trade properties, and they are usually very well priced and ready to move!
  5. Don't Move Twice! If you would like to build a new home without the pressures of timing where you may end up renting, then trading your home is an excellent option.

If you are thinking of moving, you owe it to yourself to discover the details of this amazing, unique service! All of the above features combined with our marketing strategies and experience will offer you a superior real estate service, a faster sale, and ultimately more money in your pockets!

Some flexibility and certain restrictions may apply, but you never know until you ask!

Call Kevin today direct, at (604) 916.8000